Friday, October 14, 2011

Appt #2 with our Local Napro Ob/Gyn

I am thankful to God that our 2nd appt with our local Napro Ob/Gyn went well. I had made a list of questions as per my Practitioner (Polkadot's) suggestion and it helped.
  • After reviewing my charts for the last 3 cycles on Progesterone and seeing my delayed Peak Days, she prescribed Clomid for 6 months. Hurray! Atleast, I have something to look forward to for the next few cycles rather than believing that Progesterone will do the trick. Since I had earlier conceived the very first cycle I was on Clomid and didn't have any adverse effects while on Clomid, she was pretty confident that Clomid would work. 
  • I asked her if I have PCOS because of my long cycles but she said my hormones tests were negative for PCOS and insulin resistance. It is slightly possible that I have a very mild version of PCOS which can cause fairly long cycles between 32-38 days. I wanted to ask her for Metformin but I forgot!
  • I convinced her to check my thyroid levels and she agreed to do bloodwork for Free T3 and T4 along with TSH. 
  • I also asked her about getting my Vitamin Levels checked and she said Vitamins do not cause miscarriage. Vitamin Deficiency can make you tired but it isn't related to Infertility. Nevertheless, she had my blood drawn to check Vitamin D and B12 levels. :)
  • I asked her about Endometrial Biopsy or anything else that would help to rule out infections but she said that biopsies help to find out the cause of Infertility but not Recurrent Miscarriages. But I read on many of your blogs how Inflammation/Infections can cause miscarriages. Wondering..
  • I also asked her if I should pursue NaPro surgery assuming I have endometriosis. She said it would be reasonable to try for 6 months on Clomid before considering a Lap.
  • Another possibility is that I may have scarring from my first surgery for Ectopic which could be affecting my fertility.
  • If I don't conceive in the next 6 cycles, DH may need to get a SA done! I think it would be better to take a bunch of vitamins.  Maybe Androvite for DH.
  • On a positive note, I have almost zero PMS and Mood Swings on the 3rd cycle of Progesterone. The first 2 cycles were from hell but this cycle is so different. I am not a miserable person and I am so so thankful to God. I hope it remains the same for the next 6 cycles on Clomid! :)
  • I am wondering about Immunology factors which could be causing miscarriages. These are some of the tests done so far with normal results. 
  1. Prolactin
  2. Testosterone
  3. TSH, LH, FSH
  4. Antithrombin III
  5. Lupus Anticoagulant
  6. Protein C
  7. Protein S
  8. Anticardiolipin Anitbodies
  9. Factor V Leiden
  10. Prothrombin 20210A (factor II)
  11. HGB (Hemoglobin) A1C Test
  12. Beta 2 Glycoprotein -I Ab IgA IgG IgM
  13. Chromosome karotyping
I would appreciate suggestions for any other tests that need to be done. God Bless~!


  1. You should ask her to test your thyroid antibodies levels. That's how I found out that I have a thyroid autoimmune disorder -- my other thyroid levels were normal. Elevated thyroid antibodies can cause miscarriage and infertility.

  2. I was on B6 to improve my mucus, so I think vitamins do play a small role.

  3. My doc is saying Vitamin D3 can affect thyroid levels as well as the B vitamins. So, it's a good idea to get them checked. I'm not good with tests although have you had adrenals tested? Not sure how that affects miscarriage, but the little I do know from Sew is that adrenals support thyroid an thyroid supports hormones. I had mine tested by blood and by saliva. Sounds like the 6 months on the Clomid sounds like a good plan- especially if it worked before. Never heard of thyroid autoimmune disorder. Dr. Google will get a workout tonight! Praying for you tonight.

  4. My T3/RT3 ratio was really low, which led Dr. H to diagnose the thyroid system dysfunction. Might be good to have that checked. Do you have symptoms of endo? If so, I would question the waiting 6 months. I was on clomid for 3 months a couple of years ago and then had surgery and discovered my ovaries were totally encased in scar tissue, so the clomid was wasted. There would have been no chance for an egg to make it to the tubes.

  5. MFAW is right, vitamin def do play a part. I am on T3, Vitamin D3, B12, I tested low for all three. Wishing you the best.

  6. Glad you have a plan of action! I know how good that feels. :)
    Praying that the Clomid works and your testing reveals more answers.

  7. Wow, looks like you are off to a good start. I do wonder why she said that about vitamins. I am glad to hear progesterone is kicking in. It usually takes a few cycles as it builds on previous cycle. I sure hope the clomid works for you.

  8. We're most likely going to start Comid after our November appointment. I agree that making lists can definitely be helpful. So often my hubby and I come home and say, I wish we had asked her this.