Friday, March 30, 2012

NaPro Appt Update & Possible Surgery

I had a followup with my local NaPro Ob/Gyn. As usual, I had my list of questions ready & DH & I were all set to tell her that we would be looking into PPVI as the next step. Well, things took an unexpected turn.

  1. After reviewing my history, she told us that endometriosis was possibly the only remaining cause for my miscarriages. She started reviewing my charts for the last few cycles. I explained to her the brown bleeding/mucus I had during the last cycle & she said it was expected of a miscarriage cycle. I pointed to my chart & tried convincing her that I have TEBB for 2 days most cycles and asked if I could be on antibiotics in case there is inflammation.
  2. And guess what, she surprised us by telling that she would do a Laprascopy at the beginning of my next cycle for possible endo and if so, she would laser it out. She will also do a hysteroscopic D&C to get samples for endometrial culture. If the culture shows any kind of infection, she will put me on antibiotics. If the endo is extensive and on places such as the bowel, she will recommend me to PPVI. Until last year, she was recommending her patients to a NaPro surgeon 3 hours away. Unfortunately, that NaPro surgeon moved to St. Louis. I don't know if that's the reason why she herself is doing the laparoscopy.
  3. She also told me that my mucus scores were not indicative of endo but we will never know until we do a lap. Since I had a laparoscopy for my ectopic & not laparotomy, she said the possibility of scarring/adhesions was less & that it was more common after a laparotomy. I also asked her what would be done if they find Poly Cystic Ovaries during the lap. She recommends diet & medication for PCOS & ovarian wedge resection is only for severe cases of PCOS.
  4. I asked her for Metformin since it can improve ovulation. She wanted me to get a Fasting Insulin test before she will consider Metformin. I have been tested for this before and it was normal but I will get it done again because it's been a while. She doesn't want me to try a new medication unless there is a real problem though I would have preferred being on Metformin & antibiotics for TEBB. :(
  5. I asked her about Thyroid antibodies and she had ordered the blood work for it. She said if I test positive for Thyroid Antibodies/Hashimoto's, there is nothing much that can be done other than continuing the Thyroid medication which I am already on. How does treat Thyroid antibodies?
  6. I asked her about HCG and she said it was reasonable to try HCG at this point since I have already been on Progesterone for many cycles. She prescribed me 10,000 IU of HCG post peak P+3,5,7,9 & said I could get it at any regular or compounding pharmacy. How much does HCG cost & where do you all get it from? 
  7. I forgot to ask about the selective HSG which Dr. H does during lap. Are there any other things which I need to ask?

So ladies, this is where I am now. If I am interested in going ahead with the laparoscopy, it can be done during my next cycle. I have the convenience that it can be done at a local hospital and so my insurance will likely cover everything. I will also get to know if I have endo sooner than later.

This is what is worrying me. I don't know how good my local NaPro doctor is with Endo/Adhesions. And we all know that PPVI is the best. However, it will be a few months until I can get into PPVI for a surgery & it is going to be out of network. So, we are wondering what needs to be done. It is not an easy decision! We are praying for clarity & guidance.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Monday, March 26, 2012

CD 3 and Femara

Today is CD3 and I am going to take Femara 12.5mg this cycle for the first time. And I am hoping to convince my NaPro doctor to try HCG trigger & booster shots this cycle. A little bit of HCG can go a long way in aiding implantation & many have had success with HCG in the case of early miscarriages. My SIL had success with Clomid, HCG & Progesterone. Please pray for her. She is 38 weeks & getting induced in a few days & we are all praying for a smooth delivery & healthy baby.

I am hopeful that I have something new to try this cycle as I know it will be months before I can get into PPVI & Dr Kw.ak-K.i.m. It's better to do something in the meanwhile. I am also gearing up for my NaPro appt this week. I am going to ask my doctor to put me on Metformin to help with better ovulation. And I will ask her about testing for infections, maybe an endometrial biopsy, though she said it wasn't needed for miscarriages.

Any other tests/medications that NaPro doctors usually recommend? A blogger had recommended testing for thyroid antibodies. So that is on my to-do list.

Friday, March 23, 2012

This month - March

Ever since my vacation, I have been out-of-touch with blogging, specially reading blogs & commenting. I didn't even sign up for Lenten Prayer Buddies as I wasn't dealing well with my emotions after 2 miscarriages but I have been praying for all of you in a special way. I am so overjoyed to see pregnancy announcements & beautiful pics of blogger babies. It gives me hope - a glimpse of what my future will be like, if God-willing, when one day I will have a successful pregnancy.

The last few weeks were spent researching about Dr. Kw.a.k K.i.m & Dr. H.i.l.g.ers. I got in touch with a few wonderful blogger ladies and gathered lots of information. I have been purging different forums reading mail after mail  I feel so overwhelmed with all the information. It kind of scares me knowing what all could be possibly wrong with my body.

Both these doctors are awesome in their own fields. Based on my history, I am thinking I have Immune Issues which are causing my pregnancy losses. Dr. Kw.a.k K.i.m is so good at reproductive immunology but unfortunately it is so so so expensive. Also, I will need PPVI to treat me if I have endo/pcos.  Both these doctors are out of Network but we have decided to take a bold step. I have filled up all the paper-work and have copies of my medical records. All I need to do is mail it but I don't know why something is making me hesitant. The fear of the unknown is grabbing me and holding me down. I am praying to God to give me signs.

My cycle after the last miscarriage has been messed up. I have had so many days of brown mucus & spotting both pre and post peak. In fact, I have very few days which have no red stamps. I hope I am not dealing with an infection after the miscarriage or maybe it's a sign that I have Endo. Anyway, I have an appt with my local NaPro dr in a few days. And I hope to get rid of this nasty brown spotting.

One year ago, we lost our sweet baby Gabriel Joseph. It was our first Clomid Cycle and we were so hopeful about this "miracle drug". After losing our dear Gabriel, we learned about CrMS & NaPro. We love you so much little one. Please pray for us that we will find our way to heaven.

And today, we get to see the awesome Pro-life movie "October Baby". I am so excited. We have been eagerly waiting to see this movie ever since it was released in Alabama in Oct of last year. The movie was inspired by the story of abortion survivor Gianna Jessen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Charting Question - Updated

After taking a break from CrMS charting for nearly 2 months, I feel pretty much confused & dumb after I have resumed charting! I need to chart so that I can send it to PPVI.

I have had brown mucus for many days this cycle including days when I had fertile mucus.
It's just a tiny bit of brown mucus (no bleeding) something like 6B X1.
Coming to the questions
  1. Do I need to use a red stamp for all days I see brown mucus even if there is no bleeding/spotting? And since there is no bleeding, do I chart it as VL 6B X1 or only 6B X1?
  2. What do I do for the Fertile days where I saw brown mucus? Eg: 10KL X3 + 6B X1 on a single day. How do I chart? Do I use a red or baby stamp?
My awesome FCP replied and here are the answers:
1. You need to use a Red Stamp for every day of Brown Bleeding/Mucus. The first scenario will be 6B x1.
2. For fertile days with brown mucus, use red stamp and chart the fertile most sign and don't forget a B. So for the above scenario, it will be B 10KL x3.

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    Sometimes I Wonder

    What are the odds of carrying a pregnancy to term after 1 ectopic and 1, 2, 3, 4,  5 early miscarriages? I don't want to rely on statistics but I feel so overwhelmed.

    Lord, I need you to guide me. I am having a difficult time trusting my body. Fear is trying to overtake me. Fear that I may have another ectopic and that I may lose my remaining tube. Fear that I will never have a successful pregnancy.

    Lord, please help me conquer this fear. I don't want to feel defeated but I need some hope to fight my body and defy the odds. I need hope to continue treatments and never give up. I really cannot make up my mind to pursue further treatments. I feel I am failing at every step. Please pray for me.