Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Charting Question - Updated

After taking a break from CrMS charting for nearly 2 months, I feel pretty much confused & dumb after I have resumed charting! I need to chart so that I can send it to PPVI.

I have had brown mucus for many days this cycle including days when I had fertile mucus.
It's just a tiny bit of brown mucus (no bleeding) something like 6B X1.
Coming to the questions
  1. Do I need to use a red stamp for all days I see brown mucus even if there is no bleeding/spotting? And since there is no bleeding, do I chart it as VL 6B X1 or only 6B X1?
  2. What do I do for the Fertile days where I saw brown mucus? Eg: 10KL X3 + 6B X1 on a single day. How do I chart? Do I use a red or baby stamp?
My awesome FCP replied and here are the answers:
1. You need to use a Red Stamp for every day of Brown Bleeding/Mucus. The first scenario will be 6B x1.
2. For fertile days with brown mucus, use red stamp and chart the fertile most sign and don't forget a B. So for the above scenario, it will be B 10KL x3.


    1. Not sure about question 1 (can you contact your charting instructor?) For question 2, you chart only the most fertile mucus of the day, so the 10kl x 3.

    2. I would use a red stamp b/c any unusual signs of bleeding (brown bleeding included) get a count of 3. I would chart it as VLB in addition to your mucus observations b/c on VL days you are supposed to note if you have any mucus. So for 1 I would chart it as VLB 6 (C or K)x1. For 2 I would chart VLB 10KLx3. Make sure if there's a break inbetween brown bleeding days that you put either a green or white baby sticker. I hope that helps you!

      1. Thank you so much Ania! That sure makes sense to me..

    3. Glad you were able to get some answers! Those situations were always confusing for me as well.

    4. I have read this a few times and still have no idea what anyone is saying - HAHAHA!!! Glad you have answers!!

    5. It's been a while since I charted. Glad you got some answers.