Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Visit to an RE

We had our first ever Visit to a Reproductive Endocrinologist who was referred to by my Ob/Gyn. She wasn't as bad as I had feared. Infact, she was very thorough with my medical history unlike all the previous doctors I have visited. Since most of the RPL Blood Work was already done by my Ob/Gyn, she only had 3 more blood tests for us to cover. Hurray!

She wanted us to do the Chromosome Karotyping test. Though we felt it was unnecessary, we decided to get it done just for the sake of it. She also wanted me to get a Hemoglobin test to check for Insulin Resistance.

The only new information we gathered was regarding Recurrent Early Ectopic Pregnancies rather than Recurrent Early Miscarriages, given my history of one Ectopic Pregnancy. With all our early miscarriages, we were never got to the point where we could see a gestational sac. So she put us into more confusion by mentioning the possibility of Recurrent Early Ectopic Pregnancies which resolved all by themselves. Somehow, I found that to be a very very rare possibility or something nearly impossible. How can anyone have 3 Early Ectopic Pregnancies which resolved all by themselves?

Since I had become pregnant on my first cycle with Clomid, her treatment protocol was Controlled Ovarian Stimulation using Clomid and Ovidrel shot, followed by Prometrium. It also includes Baseline Bloodwork & Ultrasound and Mid-Cycle Follicle Scans.

Our insurance is Aetna and unfortunately the plan doesn't cover Clomid or any Infertility Treatments/Medications. It just covers the blood work and ultrasounds. I am not sure how much Clomid, Ovidrel and Prometrium are going to cost every cycle. Does anyone know how much it is going to cost without insurance? I am supposed to call my RE when my next cycle begins :)

On a different note, she mentioned IVF once or twice but my husband quickly reminded her we were Catholic. To my surprise, she said many Catholic Couples go with IVF and choose to Freeze Eggs because the only issue they have is with Freezing Embryos. Anyway, we affirmed that IVF/IUI was never going to be our path. Thankfully, she wasn't pushy rather listened to us patiently.

She also mentioned about Methotrexate shot to end an early ectopic pregnancy and to save the tube from rupture, incase it happens again. I doubt if she knows that Methotrexate is not an option for Catholics. I am so thankful to God that I had a complete Salpingectomy (removal of Fallopian tube) with my previous Ectopic as my tube had already ruptured. I am so grateful to God for never putting us in a situation where doctors would push Methotrexate shots to abort the baby or Salpingotomy (making an incision in the tube to remove the embryo and save the tube).
And I pray to God that if it is his Will that we never ever have to face another Ectopic Pregnancy.

On a positive note, I have an appointment with a NaPro Ob/Gyn in Shelby, NC for the beginning of next month. One month seems so far but I am going to wait patiently. We are hoping to go with NaPro rather than going with the treatment outlined by my RE.

I was so happy to see all the Pregnancy Announcements during Lent & Easter. God's infinite grace and love is so amazing. It gives me so much hope and I trust in the Lord more than ever. I know that the day is not too far. I pray for all the Ladies who have been blessed with pregnancies and also pray for all those who are waiting to be blessed. Blessed Pope John Paul II, Pray for all of us.