Friday, March 21, 2014

28 Weeks and Still Here

I am back after a long hiatus! I have wanted to update my blog for a while but things became a little busy around here and I lost my interest for blogging. My Mom was with me for four months and she returned the beginning of this month since I had been doing well for sometime now.

Coming to this amazing gift God has given us.... I will be 28 Weeks next Tuesday which means I will be entering the Third trimester. Thank You Lord Jesus for your great mercy. So far things have been going smoothly except for a a few minor worries. We transferred my OB care to a place near home when I completed 20 weeks. I like the new place but I still prefer my NaPro OB to any other doctor.

During the 22 week appointment, the new OB got worried seeing my history and all the meds I was taking or had taken in the past. She was worried as I tested borderline positive for Anti Phospholipid Antibodies during our visit to Dr.KK in 2012. She felt it could cause problems such as the placenta detaching from the uterus or clots forming in the placenta. All this was enough to stress us out. She referred me to a Maternal Fetal Specialist for a second opinion. The MFM doctor went through my history and suggested repeating bloodwork for APA but he felt things looked normal since baby's growth was on track. He suggested getting monthly ultrasounds. One thing he insisted was stopping the PIO, suppositories and HCG. He felt it could harm the a baby as there weren't enough studies. We just politely listened to his suggestions. Thankfully, none of the OBs pestered us about stopping the shots.

We went in for another ultrasound at 24 weeks. This time our baby was head up (breech) and was curled up into a ball with feet over face. Poor baby! I am sure that wasn't the most comfortable position. Baby was head-down during the 20 week ultrasound and I thought that was how it was going to be till the end. Well, I was wrong! The tech told that my fluid was a little low something around 9.1 when they usually like to see it above 10. OB suggested increasing my fluid intake and told us it wasn't concerning but asked us to come back in 2 weeks.

We went in for another ultrasound at 26 weeks. The fluid level had increased slightly. Gone up to 9.8 but still borderline low. And guess what - the naughty little one was still head up and curled into a ball. We go back for another ultrasound on Tuesday. How I wish the fluid levels will be normal. I will be having weekly Non Stress Tests and Biophysical Profiles from Week 30. I am glad for all the extra monitoring they are doing. It sure can be stressful but the ultrasounds are an added relief even though we end up paying $50 copay each time. My Gestational Diabetes is under control with the Metformin and diet but that is another reason why my OB has put me under the high risk pregnancy category. Some days, I just can't follow the diet and I eat whatever I can keep down but that is ok I guess.

I have been feeling the baby move from 22 weeks. It wasn't all that regular and I would get tensed when the baby wouldn't move on some days. However, from Week 24, the little one decided to kick and move around regularly. I am so glad because it is such a reassurance. The little one is active in the evenings usually around 7pm when we pray our family rosary. Guess the sweet one likes praying! :)

Just 3 more months till my due date or 12 weeks. I still cannot believe that I am pregnant and there is a baby growing in my womb. We give you thanks Lord for every second of our baby's life. Please continue praying for us that the third trimester continues to go smoothly and that we will get this meet this sweet little one.


  1. This update brings me so much joy! I'm so excited for you to meet your little one in 12 weeks. I hope the time flies and the complications all clear up for you. Continued prayers!

  2. Thanks for the update! Continued prayers for you and baby!

  3. What an update!! I think of you and baby daily and will continue to pray. The third trimester!! God is so good!!! :-). Grow baby, grow!!

  4. Yay for 28 weeks! I'm so happy you've made it this far. Continuing to pray for you both!

    (I'm also glad you didn't let anyone talk you out of taking your progesterone support. Good for you.) :)

  5. Congrats! Glad to hear that things are going well!

  6. Thanks for the update! I hope baby cooperates so you can find out the sex! I'll pray your fluid levels go up!

    1. We do know the little one's gender but decided to keep it a surprise for family & friends! ;)

  7. Such great news, I have been thinking of you and the baby often!
    Praise God! I have gestational diabetes too :-( Hang in there.
    We are only a week apart in our pregnacy's, that is so cool.
    I will keep on praying!!!
    Love, Amy from Colorado and her twins ;-)