Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Six Years

On Memorial Day, we celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary. Our first anniversary as 3 instead of 2. Thank You my dear Lord! I feel so humbled and unworthy for this great gift from God. After being so used to celebrating every anniversary as 2, this time it felt so different.

The last week was really crazy over here. Remember how I told things were going so well over here. My in-laws came last Tuesday and then we were packing our stuff to move to a bigger place. By Thursday evening I had a back ache which wouldn't go away. By midnight the pain was radiating to my abdomen. I knew these weren't contractions as it was a strong, continuous pain. I called my doctor at 3am and they wanted us to get to L&D. They had me admitted for a few hours during which I had a few irregular contractions but I was only 1cm dilated. The pain got so horrible that I couldn't stand or walk and I was in tears. However we had to go home since it wasn't true labor. It could have been the baby's position. I came home and took pain killers and rested the entire day. By Saturday morning, I was much better. I had a few contractions on some nights but it would go away after some time.

I have another ultrasound and Non Stress Test tomorrow. 37 weeks and so ready to meet this sweet baby. The funny thing is we have never been able to get a 3d picture of the little one's face in spite of all the weekly ultrasounds. Baby likes to cover his face with his/her little hands. Hmmm looks like we need to wait patiently for 3 more weeks. No more previews for Dad & Mom!

I will be praying for all of you as we wait for this little miracle and please keep us in your prayers. 


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH! Wow you are 37 weeks, it's gone by so fast!

  2. Happy anniversary!! So happy you get to celebrate as 3 this year!! :D