Sunday, June 5, 2011

Creighton Charts

Yippe! Here are my CrMS Charts for the first 2 cycles. I have my first NaPro Appointment this week. Meanwhile, if any of you bloggers could shed some light on my chart...

  1. Baby Stamps everywhere, I wish I had a baby instead :)
  2. Bright Yellow all throughout the Post Peak Phase :)
  3. Fluctuating Post Peak Phases..
  4. And some Brown Mucus towards the end of my period. Hmmm what more could I ask for?
Now, what could be the reason for my recurrent miscarriages? I wish I had an easy answer but no, I need to be patient and play the waiting game.

So dear blogger friends, I welcome your inputs..

Oh my dear Lord, please please have mercy on us!


  1. Hi! it so nice when people share their charts. one learns so much!
    First: a lot of women have continuous mucus and with time the charts become easier to manage. do not worry.
    Continous mucus is a sign of a possible inflammation of the cervix, nothing serious and very common. Which your NaPro doc will know how to deal for sure, treatment is easy and can make chart management much easier or you can begin incorporating YS pre peak soon.
    I am not sure why you chose 5/19 as your peak day. It might well be that it really is before, on 5/16. Your practitioner can help you with this. The reason I think it might be before is that you have lubrication as part of your peak phase in both cycles and then it ends, but Peak type mucus without it continues. This would them mean that you do not have variable post peak phases. But only you can determine this with your practitioner. Will she see you before the appointment?
    Brown bleeding in the tail end part of the cycle means a possible problem of progesterone, thyroid or inflammation. I also suggest that you check with your practitioner this since it normally is in the bleeding and not the mucus what is taken into account for this.
    Praying for you!

  2. I hope you get some answers. Maybe your Md will start you on antibodics.