Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Praying for Discernment

I am amazed at the Power of Prayer. During this Prayer Buddy Season, I have been witnessing so many miracles in our Blogger World. Praise be to God! It gives me hope as we continue to wait. It reminds me that God has a beautiful plan for us. It encourages me to be patient.

The more I read blogs, the more I admire Dr. Hilgers. It is amazing how he has given hope to so many ladies struggling with IF. I have been wondering if it's time for me to go to PPVI. As each cycle goes by, I know something is wrong otherwise I should have conceived. And even if I conceive, will I ever hold a baby in my arms? I don't know if I have Endo and if that is the reason I have trouble getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I hate it when doctors tell me I have no problem getting Pregnant! For heaven's sake that is not true! With fertility-focused intercourse, it shouldn't take you more than 6 months to conceive even if you have one tube. So I know it's not true that I can get pregnant easily. I have long cycles and with 10 cycles in a year, I know there is something wrong with my Ovulation. I wish my doctor would take me seriously.

I am worried about a repeat ectopic because of Endo or any other probable reason. I am worried my Ob/Gyn has screwed up my insides after the Lap for Ectopic. Could I be having adhesions because of that surgery? The only way I can know for sure is another Lap. And that is why I have been wondering about Dr. Hilgers.

One part of me wants to go to Omaha but I don't know if it is going to be possible. I am a stay-at-home wife and with one person working in the family, I doubt if we can ever afford PPVI. And our insurance doesn't cover anything related to Fertility! I am worried that if we go back to India (after my DH's work here in the US) we will never have an opportunity to get NaPro treatments. I am worried that I am losing time as I will soon be out of my twenties. I am worried that after 3 years of Marriage, we haven't made any progress with regards to Fertility other than the Progesterone. And I would be surprised if my problems are as simple as Low Progesterone! What do we do? Do we go to Omaha while we we are here? Do we have the courage to use all our Savings to make a trip to PPVI?

I don't know but I pray for discernment. I pray to God to show us the way. I pray to God to open doors. I hope & pray that I continue trusting my local NaPro doctor. I hope and pray that I wouldn't need a surgery for Endo/Adhesions. I pray for a miracle! With God, all things are possible. Jesus, I trust in you.


  1. Yes!! Do it!! I was in terrible, horrible, awful shape and he put me back together again. It took time, pain (physical and emotional) and lots of money...but it's worth it! And I said that even before my BFP. When it comes to Napro there's no one better.

  2. I say do it. Also, there are other surgeons other than Dr. H who have been trained by Dr. H to do the same thing. Perhaps your insurance will cover those doctors? We are going with a surgeon in PA (Dr. S) because he is the doctor our insurance will cover!

    There's more info on or feel free to email me at sarahcrms (at)

    I hope you can find answers and healing!

  3. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you in regards to discerning about Doctor H....I'll pray for you if you pray for me! :)

    Don't give up hope. Miracles do happen...just reading the blogs lately, it shows!!

  4. Do it. Do it. Do it. Our insurance actually covered Dr. H given he was treating a real medical condition, and not infertility, and we are out of state. It is worth looking into more. Maybe the nurses at PPVI Institute can help you with talking to the insurance. Never the less, you don't want to regret not doing it later...

  5. Yes, do it. You are young. You have time to build up your savings account once again. It will be worth. No looking back wondering if you should have done it.

  6. Based on my personal experience, having started out with trying to solve the issue with my local OB for a year, then a typical fertility specialist who tried to convince us to do IVF, a lap for endo, a failed GIFT procedure, I wish I had just gone to Dr. Hilgers sooner. I found out my insides were a mess. Everything was all stuck together. The sooner you get going to him, the sooner you can have your problems identified. I honestly do not feel like "regular" doctors are interested in getting to the bottom of the problems.

    In terms of affording the trip to PPVI and the surgery, I know they do a good job of not coding it as fertility related. Also, big advice here, we had an Aflac hospital policy and an Aflac sickness policy. Each of these pay out a certain amount for hospital stays, doctor visits, and a set amount for various surgeries. With both of those policies in place, Aflac paid us $6k, which was exactly what I had to pay out of pocket after my health insurance paid. I think you have to have the Aflac policy in place for 9 months or something like that before it will cover.

  7. We worked with PPVI long distance and I went there for a lap with Dr. K. Love them! I hear Dr. S is wonderful, too. Hoping it works out with you. Have you looked into seeing if any of the former Napro fellows are near you?

  8. I also would recommend going. There are so many problems that they found, which is a good thing to me, as all my other doctors didn't. I also wish I would have gone sooner. It was somewhat costly for us to see the doctors at PPVI, but our insurance covered the hospital 100%. I would do some checking at PPVI and with your insurance before I would decide to not go to PPVI. The account/billing ladies at PPVI & CUMC really know their stuff. :)

  9. Do it!! Like sarah said,there others mds that were trained by him, I got mine by someone else in NJ. I SAY LOOK INTO IT. And keep praying ab it, I know God will never disappoint! God bless!