Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ovulation Worries (Updated)

After seeing a 23mm follicle on Day 13, I hoped that I would have a textbook perfect ovulation on CD 14. Today is CD 17 and my temps haven't spiked inspite of getting OPK+ on CD 14. My temperature normally rises on P+1. I had 4 days of Fertile Mucus (10CK and 10KL) starting from CD 13. Thankfully, Clomid didn't dry out my mucus though I observed a little less mucus compared to my previous cycles where I would have 7-8 days of mucus. I am freaking out and worried that I haven't ovulated and that my follicle would have turned into a giant cyst! How I wish my body would cooperate. I am tired of all the BD-ing and seeing fertile mucus day after day. I hope & pray that I would be Post Peak soon.

Maybe this explains my long cycles & underlying ovulation problem. Probably, I should get an ultrasound series done to monitor ovulation. I hope & pray that this cycle won't be a bust. Lord, I know I need to be patient on this earthly journey. You know what is good for me. Help me to trust in you completely.

From what I have read, with LUFS you get positive OPKs and and a clear thermal shift indicating all signs of ovulation and sometimes your post-peak phase can go beyond 18 days making you wonder if you are pregnant. The only way to find out for sure is an Ultrasound Series.

My temperature spiked on Day 18. Atleast looks like my mucus has dried up and I am Post-Peak. Now only if I knew whether I ovulated or not!


  1. No advice, but I'm praying for you!
    Have you been stressed? Perhaps it could be a double peak? It also could be a LUF (unruptured follicle). Until I had ultrasounds at Day 3 and Ovulation +4, I had no clue that anything was amiss. Perhaps an ultrasound series would provide more answers ....

  2. I can related to the exhausting BD-ing! I used to be relieved when my peak day rolled around because it meant I could have a break. You might want to throw in a few BD's a day or two after your peak...the cycle that I did that was the one where I conceived. Not sure if it's related but it can't hurt. :)

  3. I call my Dr. with tons of questions...asking won't hurt anything. Maybe they'll suggest an ultrasound and you can have peace of mind.

  4. What a mystery! Would the OPK show you a positive on a LUFS? or a cyst? I second what Hebrews says, my practitioner gives me that instruction as on who is labeled 'subfertile/infertile.' Keeping you in my prayers.