Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cycle Updates and More

It's been a while since I blogged. Each time I thought of writing something, I didn't have anything interesting going on. This morning, a blogger sent me a message on Facebook and I knew it was time to update this blog.

This is my second cycle on Femara and post-peak HCG shots and am on P+14. I tested. I am not pregnant! :)

The repeat labwork for my Thyroid and Hashimotos came back normal. Armour seems to be working. So I will be continuing the same dose. Unfortunately, my fasting insulin levels were high. It was 27 when it should have been less than 12. My local NaPro Dr. has put me on Metformin. I am currently on 1000mg and I am doing well. No side effects.

Yesterday, I received the reply from PPVI. It was from Dr. K.r.i.s.t.i.n.a P.a.k.iz on behalf of Dr. H. It's been almost 2 months since I mailed them and I completely forgot about it. Perhaps yesterday's reply was a special message from God to go ahead with PPVI.

I also have an appt with Dr. K.w.a.k-K.i.m for the first week of June. My insurance year begins every July. So it would be better to postpone all appts for the next insurance year. It's so difficult to get an appt with Dr. Ki.m. One part of me wants to go but I know it would be better to wait until July. I am not thinking about the monetary aspect. That is the last thing in my head. I know I will have to pay around 5k for Dr. Kim since my insurance is highly unlikely to cover anything.

Two different paths and we have no clue which one to pursue! We have been praying every single day to show us the path. I secretly hoped that I would be pregnant this cycle and I wouldn't have to see any more specialists and make such difficult decisions.

And this weekend, we will be celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary. We are going to Niagara. I hope AF arrives early. I don't want my weekend to be drowned in sorrow. I have been praying for all of you. I am having baby fever after seeing all the cute pics of blogger babies! One day Lord willingly, I will have some good baby pics to share with you all.


  1. Yay for updates;-) It's good to hear what's going on with you.

    Interesting about your fasting insulin...have you ever had that tested before? I was on 1,000 mg Metformin when we conceived. (I didn't have high insulin levels, but PCOS. That's why I was on it.)

    Is there anything wrong with pursuing both PPVI and Dr. Kwak-Kim? To me it seems you could cover all your bases by seeing both of them. And as much as you want to get things rolling soon, you are right, waiting until July would mean you're in a new insurance year, new deductibles, etc.

    Think of you often and pray that you'll get to the bottom of your miscarriage issue. Happy early anniversary. Hope you can enjoy the weekend at Niagara. Sounds like fun!!

  2. I've been taking Metformin since last year and I was so upset when I was told that I was insulin-resistant. It's so nuts!

    I agree that with PPIW that pursuing both PPVI and Dr. K-K is a good plan. You don't want to leave any stone unturned.

    Enjoy your time in Niagara. I personally think that the Canadian falls are prettier, but I'm biased.

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Good to hear an update from you. Praying for peace as you pursue a path, one , the other or both. Happy Anniversary!

  4. I'm glad to read an update too! :-)
    Ugh ... treatment decisions are SO HARD! If you are able, I'd try and pursue both Dr H and Dr KK. And maybe wait until July. I wish insurance wasn't such a headache / hassle trying to plan treatment around.
    It sounds like you have a GREAT weekend ahead! Happy 4th Anniversary!!!! Will we see pictures from your trip?

  5. I agree with AIHPT, those are such tough choices. Praying God shows you the right path to take. Enjoy your anniversary trip!!

  6. Happy anniversary! And praying for your treatment decisions... I also agree w/perhaps pursuing both roads if possible!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    Insulin resistance - I agree with JB, that diagnosis just made me mad - though the metformin has definitely made a difference.

    Thanks for the update, continued prayers for you as you discern your treatment plan.