Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3 Months...

I have missed blogging. Every time I think of writing something, my little one starts crying and then I have no time. Joseph turned 3 months on the 2nd of this month. He has grown so much and is beginning to show his personality. He has become more interactive with us with his funny chuckles and loud sounds. He throws a fight whenever he is sleepy.

Motherhood is amazing and hard at the same time. I remember how all I wanted the last five years was to have a baby in my arms. Now that Joseph is here, I thought I would be the happiest person in this world but that's not true. Life is still the same with joys and sorrows. Every single day brings it's own struggles. This reminds me why I need to strive for heaven because God alone can bring me perfect happiness. I love Joseph but there is something I miss about our life as two. Those days were painful but it brought us close in so many ways and we trusted in God with all our hearts. I was so used to my life as two that I almost struggle on some days to accept this new reality. I am afraid if I will be able to do my best for Joseph but then again I need to trust God.

Ok the little one is awake and needs me. I will be back to share more...


  1. The blog world misses you, but understands your little distraction. :) Thanks for being so real with all of us. I love to hear about motherhood after IF.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. All of this! I am definitely more joyful now overall, but there are still sorrows, and its still hard to get used to not being just the two of us. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. I often wonder since it's just been me and my hubby for over 6.5yrs how hard it will be to not just be the two of us. Thank you for being so real!

  4. I know what you mean about thinking that motherhood would be the happiest thing, but missing life as just two. It is a big change. It was for me. It is hard to be Mom 24/7 - but it will get better. You are exactly right in that the first few months are so rough!