Monday, July 4, 2011

Blood Work Results: Low Progesterone

I completed my P+3,5,7 & 9 bloodwork for Estradiol & Progesterone last week. My NaPro doctor left me a message saying that my Progesterone Levels are low right from P+3. Well, I cannot believe that after all these years, I have some solid news finally. Something as basic as Low Progesterone has finally been diagnosed by my NaPro doctor. My previous doctors never believed in checking Progesterone levels inspite of having Recurrent Losses. The only time I had my Progesterone bloodwork was on 7 DPO on a Clomid cycle to check if I ovulated or not and the doctor said the levels were normal (12.6) though I knew it was low.

I am supposed to start Progesterone Supplements this cycle. I have been reading about Progesterone Capsule, Suppositories and PIO Shots. I would be really grateful if someone could enlighten me about the different types of Progesterone and which one would be the most effective - the capsules, suppositories, shots?
I doubt if my insurance will cover Progesterone. Could anyone tell me how much it would cost with and without insurance?

Sometimes, I feel angry & sad that my 3 previous doctors never bothered to check for Progesterone & Estradiol though I requested plenty of times. Instead they ran millions of tests for Clotting disorders, Thyroid, Chromosomes, RPL and what not. Everything came back normal & we wasted so many $$$ on all those tests. My heart breaks when I wonder if Progesterone would have helped me from losing my babies. Now, I am even more convinced that my Ectopic Pregnancy could have been due to Low Progesterone. If it was not for NaPro, I would have lost all my trust in doctors.
Thank you Lord for leading me to NaPro & I feel so indebted to you bloggers for introducing me to NaPro though your blogs. I know there are many more things that could be wrong with my body like PCOS and Endo but I pray and hope that Progesterone will bring me closer to having a healthy baby. 

I will be taking Compounded Progesterone Wettable Vaginal Capsule 300mg at bedtime from P+3 to P+12.
The charge for 30 capsules is $45 and it is supposed to last for 3 months. Not bad! Hoping that it works.


  1. My napro dr. first gave me suppositores as they absorb better than the oral type. But probably the shots are the best. I guess it also depends on how low your progesterone actually is. I have to say I absolutely hated the suppositories. Good luck.

  2. I take Progesterone as Prometrium - it's a small yellow gel-like pill, but I take it vaginally, not orally. I always wear a liner - otherwise I end up with yellow discharge. Sorry - TMI - but that's what I do! :) I haven't tried any other form of it.

  3. So glad you have an answer! That must feel amazing!!! And I hope its your solution (no more problems to solve). No recommendations on the progesterone ... I take it intramuscularly on P+4,7,10 per PPVI.

  4. I've taken all 3 different forms. I think the capsule is the cheapest, but least effective. The suppositories are effective, but messy as previous commenters have noted. The shots are the most expensive and you need to have your DH or someone else give them to you.

    The suppositories cost $5-6 for one because they have to be compounded (I use 10 a cycle). The progesterone in oil was ~$200, if I remember correctly. I think the Prometrium capsules are less than $50.

    You might be surprised on your insurance coverage. Mine covers nothing infertility or fertility related, but has covered all progesterone for PCOS and pregnancy. Good luck!

  5. Thank you so much for all your valuable comments. I will be going with the Progesterone Suppositories for time being and will have to get P+7 blood work to check if it's working.

  6. What great info here. I second the feelings regarding NaPro. They are so great at finding the cause instead of treating just symptoms. Can you imagine what they will be able to in the future? Truly amazing and what a blessing!

  7. Wow! There is no doubt that the low progesterone played a part in the past miscarriages. Here's to future cycles with progesterone!

  8. Napro is great w/finding answers! God bless you. Ihave low prog too. I tried everything except suppostories. Orally was the best and least painful annd most comfortable. Shots are the worst!

  9. You asked me some questions on my blog so I thought I would post the answers here. You should definitely have Vit D checked and have your magnesium levels checked. You need Vit D to help with ovulation/estrogen productioon and you need magnesium to make progesterone. I would take both supplements to be sure. Here are some articles to help.

  10. I have often wondered how many babies have been lost to women because there is no understanding by doctors of progesterone as a factor in RPL! I first read about it in CCL's magazine, and then a friend who lost a baby used progesterone the next time and the baby was fine. So sad that the mainstream medical community does not understand this!!

    Sooo happy you found the (possible) answer!! God bless NaPro.

  11. Thats great news and progesterone can be an easy fix!! So glad you are unlocking keys to your IF / RPL puzzle and praying are able to find the tools to get that sweet baby in your arms :)