Friday, June 8, 2012

Med. Reviews and More

I have been on some new medications for the last 3 cycles and I thought I would write a review.

I have been taking 12.5 mg of Letrozole (generic of Femara) for 3 cycles. I love Femara because it gives me minimal headaches. I tried three cycles of Clomid and I had nasty headaches while I took 50 mg of Clomid. With Femara, my long cycles have shortened and my Peak Day varies between CD 14-16.
With Clomid my Peak Day was more like CD 17-18 and I ended up ovulating really late for one cycle like on CD 24.
I haven't been going for mid-cycle ultrasounds on Femara so I have no clue of how my follicles are doing. With Clomid, I went for monthly ultrasounds and I would have one mature follicle though one cycle was a bust with poor follicular response.
Clomid had no effect on my mucus. I had abundant CM while on Clomid. With Femara, my mucus cycles haven't been really great. I am taking Mucinex but I don't see the glorious 10KL like before. My mucus has become less stretchy!
Out of 3 Clomid cycles, I conceived twice on 50 mg Clomid. Whereas after 3 cycles of Femara, I haven't been able to conceive.
Though Femara has shortened my cycles, I am wondering if I should go back on Clomid next cycle. Clomid seems to have worked for so many PCOS bloggers.

This is my 3rd cycle on HCG shots. I must say I dread injecting myself and DH is afraid of needles. So, I need to give the shots myself. I definitely prefer Progesterone Suppositories rather than plunging the needle into my body. My PMS feels better on HCG but after P+10, I hate all the pregnancy symptoms I get while on HCG. My body feels so pregnant and I am so sure that I have conceived! On Progesterone, I definitely had sore breasts but it never made me feel pregnant like HCG.

Since HCG can help with implantation, I will stick onto it for a few more cycles.

With my long cycles, I have often wondered if I have PCOS. My doctors have never diagnosed me as my FSH, LH and Testosterone were always normal. My ovaries have always appeared normal on ultrasounds. I have had normal Fasting Blood Glucose Levels. My RE also had my Hemoglobin A1C levels checked and it was normal.

Unfortunately, my Fasting Insulin Levels were high which makes me Insulin Resistant to some extent. Maybe, it is related to PCOS or late ovulation in my case. I started with 500mg of Metformin and currently on 1000mg. Luckily, I have had no side-effects. I will be switching to 1500 mg in a few days. Hopefully, there will be minimal side-effects.

This is where I am right now. Three cycles have gone by on three new medicines. Something should have worked by now. Atleast, I was hoping that the cocktail of Femara, HCG and Metformin should have had some effect on my body. Not to forget the Armour Thyroid, Baby Aspirin, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B-Long F, Fish Oil and other supplements.

I rescheduled my appt with Dr. K.w.ak-K.i.m for the first week of August. How, I wish I would get pregnant and wouldn't have to go to Chicago!

Also, do your girls have any recommendations for the doctors at PPVI? I need to call them and schedule my lap but I don't know if I should go with Dr. P.a.k.iz or Dr. K.e.e.f.e as Dr. H.i.lge.r.s will be busy.

St. Anthony, please please ask Jesus for a miracle! I am so ready for a healthy pregnancy.


  1. Wow. So much to keep track of. Joining with your prayer that you can cancel your trip to Chicago because you are pregnant.

  2. Hoping these new meds help! As for the docs, I have never worked with Dr. Keefe, but I worked with Dr. Pakiz (she was doing a fellowship during my 1st surgery and assisted Dr. H. She also did my progesterone monitoring while I was pregnant) and I can tell you that she is phenomenal--a terrific doctor and a wonderful person. Praying for ya!

  3. I have worked with Dr. Keefe (not Dr. Pakiz). I like Dr. Keefe ... I would say you have a good doctor either way.
    I can't believe you have been injecting yourself! You rock! I'm deathly afraid of needles (and watching blood & guts murder-in-action on tv). I hate the symptoms you get on HCG too. I would always think I was pregnant, but I never was.
    I hope your meds will work soon! I know what you mean about finding that miracle cocktail that works. Prayers going up for a healthy pregnancy!