Monday, October 29, 2012

Home feels Good & Emotions

It feels so good to be home after a long week in Omaha. It was freezing cold the last few days we stayed in Omaha and we were all bundled up. As soon as the flight reached Charlotte on Saturday, warm weather and beautiful fall colors greeted us.

We stayed at Ha.w.thorn.e Suites while in Omaha. Nice, comfy suites with a full kitchen and full breakfast. Really close to PPVI. The day after the surgery, I woke up feeling incredibly hungry. Scrambled eggs, hashbrown and sausages never felt so good! We shopped at Trader Joe's while in Omaha but I quickly got bored of their frozen meals.

My appetite has increased after the surgery and I feel I need to do something before the pounds begin to add on. Yes, it happened after my last surgery. I gained 10-15 lbs in a month. Now that I am back home, I feel guilty for having conveniently forgotten my Low-Carb Diet. The diet and Metformin along with moderate exercise helped me lose 20 lbs in the last 6 months. I avoided Sugar, Dairy & Coffee though I didn't completely eliminate it.

I was so hooked onto White Rice and had a difficult time switching to Brown Rice and Quinoa. Not to mention how heavy Indian Cuisine is when it comes to carbs. You probably have an idea if you have been to an Indian Buffet. You have White Rice, Basmathi Rice, Biryani, Pulav/Pilaf, Cumin Rice, Naan and what not. Growing up, white rice and/or wheat rotis were a must for lunch and dinner. I don't think my Mom & Dad can imagine what it is like not to have Rice & Curry for a meal ! :)

Now that I have to do the Anti-Inflammatory diet, I don't even know where to begin. I need some suggestions as to what can be eaten and what needs to be avoided.  Dr. P told me to stay away from Red Meat, Dairy, Coffee and Processed Foods. Are eggs ok? Is Pork red meat?

The recovery has been going well. The bloating has subsided though I don't think I can fit into my jeans. DH is the best gift God has given me so far. He has such unwavering faith no matter what. BTW, Dh found Leila's blog from another blog and he went onto read all the blogger faith stories. He has become a fan of Leila' Blog. I hope he doesn't find my blog! He knows about my blog but I don't want him to read all that I write here :)

On the spiritual front, I have been experiencing a void. Though we went for Mass most of the days, I couldn't focus and was feeling emotional. I feel so empty inside and I am struggling to trust our Lord. He has been so good and I know I need to be thankful for leading me to such good doctors. Had I been in India, I wouldn't have had the blessing of NaPro treatments.

Now that I have met Dr. KK and that the surgery is over, I feel my "To Do" List is Over. I know I should be feeling hopeful but the "What Ifs" are weighing down on my heart. I feel I have reached the end of a bridge, yet what lies ahead makes me even more anxious. Not that I would want to go back to the starting point. I know God has given me this cross for a reason. I would not have been the same person if not for IF. I would have been another Lukewarm Catholic. God was working on my soul through IF. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I am praying for peace that I will be able to accept God's Will and that I can love him unconditionally whether I am blessed with a child or not.


  1. Glad you are home and recovering well! As for the food eggs should be fine, red meat limit to once to twice a week and I would avoid pork. There are great chicken sausages made by a company called applegate farms. I hate cooking brown rice, so I just buy the frozen brown rice @ trader joes, it cooks in minutes. Load up on the veggies, I throw frozen spinach and broccoli into almost everything. Turmeric is a great spice to bring down inflammation and try and cut down on your salt and sugar intake. I hope this helps, if you want recipe ideas you can email me and I'd be happy to write some down for you :)

  2. I found "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Anti-Inflammation Diet" very helpful. It explains the whole diet very well and has a few recipes. Also, one of the authors is a Harvard med school professor.

    And, I love coffee, but I found a decent substitute (but had to stop drinking it when I got pregnant because it has chicory in it). It's Teeccino. You can find a good deal on it on Amazon.

  3. I should be on the Anti-Inflammatory diet myself, so the tips above are very helpful! I'm so glad you're feeling better being home. It is SO nice to be in the comfort of your home when you recover.

  4. How wonderful to be home!!

    Eating low GI definitely helped me (then again, among all the other things I have been diagnosed with, I'm insulin resistant).
    I know that it's tough (I'm Filipino and EVERYTHING is carbs!).

    You continue to be in my prayers!

  5. Prayers for your continued recovery! And I hate to break it to you, but that was nowhere near "freezing cold" by Omaha standards. ;) We can get much much colder! Hope you enjoyed Omaha. Good luck with the anti inflammatory diet, sounds like the other girls have some good tips.

  6. Glad to hear things are going well with healing. I think it's interesting sometimes how we get those empty feelings where it feels like Mass and so forth aren't really doing anything in our lives. I think it's interesting how much it means after the fact that we were faithful in going no matter how we felt about it.

    I dislike being single and often pray for it to end, but like you, I see how much it has affected my life in so many good ways that I would not want to give up the lessons that I have learned from it. Good luck with the anti-inflammatory diet!

  7. Glad you are recoverying well. Take good care of yourself and don't rush to get back to your regular routine. Hope this surgery is the answer.

  8. Glad you are staying positive! Hoping you continue to recover well.

  9. I am a new reader and I feel like I'm still processing everything you've written. I wanted to leave you a comment so you know that I'm here and I'm praying for you. Thank you for being so open and honest.

  10. Glad to hear you are home- praying for a good recovery.

  11. I had one other suggestion for the diet. Dr. Weil has a new cookbook out called True Food that is all about anti-inflammatory food. I plan on getting it for myself. The book looks beautiful.