Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The upcoming trip to Omaha

We are flying to Omaha this Saturday and will be there for a week. The Lap is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 23rd. Please spare me a few prayers. I have been keeping myself busy not trying to think too much about the BIG day. It feels more like a Vacation for both of us. I am hoping to do some sightseeing while in Omaha, maybe the zoo and a few churches.

I was hoping to get the u/s series done while in Omaha. Looks like my body is already under stress and isn't ovulating. I had a really weird cycle with continuous fertile CM from Day 9-26. I was tired of charting 10KLs and 10Cs for more than 2 weeks. I wasn't able to identify a Peak Day. I was getting so frustrated and without the slightest hint, AF arrived on Day 27. I had super light bleeding for 4 days. It's more like blood tinged mucus on some days. I don't know if I should consider this as a new cycle or some kind of weird mid cycle bleeding. I will get to know when I meet my doc in a few days.

Since, I never reached Post Peak, charting (I)s were out of question. It's funny how I had no problem abstaining this last cycle knowing that the surgery was all scheduled. Whereas last year, when I was learning CrMs and when our doctor asked us to avoid a few cycles, those were the most frustrating cycles and I felt like I was wasting my TTC months.

It felt so nice to take a break without worrying about covering fertile days. And it feels so good to take a break from the numerous medications even if it's only for a few weeks. I have the Lovenox shots waiting in my room and I dread the sight of the it. It gives me panic attacks but I am safe for the next month.

I also want to receive Annointing of the Sick while in Omaha. I could get it done here at our Parish but since I will be flying a few days before the surgery date, our parish priest told it would be better to receive the sacrament as close to the surgery as possible. Have any of you been anointed while in Omaha either at PPVI or the hospital? Or maybe I could visit some church in Omaha just before the surgery.

One of the joys of staying in NC is that every year, we get to enjoy the wonderful fall colors in the mountains. Every year, we have been visiting one of America's most scenic drives - Blue Ridge Parkway. The colors have begun to change in the mountains and will be Peak in the next few weeks. This year, we made an early trip to Blue Ridge Parkway since we would be in Omaha next week.

And here are some photos ...


  1. I live in Omaha, and the zoo is definitely worth a visit! We go all the time, and I love to watch people who have never been before.

  2. Sending many prayers your way!

    I love the mid-Atlantic in the fall - I keep forgetting to take my camera with me, but it's been absolutely gorgeous here this month!

  3. Gorgeous pics! I will pray for the success of your surgery and for a relaxing trip. :)

  4. Praying surgery goes well. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. I'm sure that you can the anointing of the sick at the hospital. I believe that I had it (although I can recall 100% since I was on so many pain meds). The priests at the hospital are amazing (I may be a bit biased since they're all Jesuits).

    I am so excited for your trip! It's almost like a pilgrimage or at least it was for us.

    Praying for you!!!

  6. I'll be praying too! Oh, my goodness... Where has the time gone?? I received the Anointing at St Peter Parish in downtown Omaha. Fr. Weidner (who anointed me) has moved on from the parish, but the pastor (Fr. Cooke) is still there and he is wonderful. :)

    My hubby suggests that (if you are interested) you should visit the Strategic Air Command (SAC) museum. I agree with him. It was really neat. Also, there is the Union Pacific Railroad museum in Council Bluffs. Loved it! If you get to the Old Market, you should eat at M's Pub. You've got to try their Lahvosh!

    Hmmm... Don't I just sound like the old pro on Omaha now?? Actually, after 5 trips out, it has begun to feel a bit like a 2nd home. ;)

  7. Just getting caught up on blogs after being out of town...praying for you and your upcoming surgery! Thanks for the pictures...they are gorgeous. It's nice to know I could still visit the mountains if we move!

  8. GORGEOUS photos! I will be praying for you tonight at Adoration and for your surgery tomorrow AM. You are in THE BEST hands at PPVI. They will have answers for you - I know it.