Friday, September 28, 2012

Shipping Blood

I need help shipping blood to PPVI. I have seen this topic on the blogosphere so many times but I keep forgetting.
I need to do a Limited Hormone Panel for Estradiol on Day 13,15 and so on till I am Post Peak. Most likely 3-4 days of blood draws.

I have two options for shipping:
1. On the day of the last blood draw, I can ship all the frozen samples together on dry ice.
2. I can mail each sample separately on the same day as it is drawn. I spoke with PPVI and since it is Estradiol, the serum can be shipped at room temp provided it will reach the lab within 5 days. I could use Padded Envelopes or Small Flat Rate Priority Boxes and simply drop it in the USPS drop boxes.

I am trying to find the cost-effective day of doing it. Those of you who have done the hormone profile, how much did it cost to ship the samples on dry ice? I am thinking that the second option is more convenient and would cost me less than 20$.


  1. Good luck with that. With my latest needed b/w...I did everything I could to avoid shipping blood and thank God my local gp can run the tests...and I didn't have to ship. When I did ship blood..we got a special kit from PPVI and it included dry ice and we shipped it all at one time (more cost effective). For us, it was tough to find a place to ship it for us. Now, I think that has been worked out for the others who followed our fiasco. If PPVI doesn't give kits...I'm sure your local shipper can give you what you need.

  2. Good luck with this one- I just have the local lab run tests.

  3. The lab here in my hometown has always shipped the blood using a kit that was provided by PPVI. Even if PPVI does not send a kit - or you run out of kits - medical labs ship blood and other samples on a regular basis, so they should have packaging materials and the ability to ship it for you, though I'm not sure of the added cost. Oddly enough, our lab has never given us a bill. ??? Good luck!

  4. I had my blood drawn at the hospital and they shipped it dry ice, as they were the only place who would draw and ship blood.