Friday, March 18, 2011

Prayers Needed

Today, I got the results of my bloodwork from 18 DPO.
16 DPO HCG - 27.6
18 DPO HCG - 43

As the numbers haven't doubled in 48 hours, the nurse said she isn't quite sure about this pregnancy. It could be an ectopic or an early miscarriage or a normal pregnancy. I have an early ultrasound on Monday to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy due to the slow rising HCG levels. I will be only 5 weeks on the day of ultrasound and I don't know what to expect. Isn't it too early to find a gestational sac?

Please pray for us to our dear Lord. I know the Lord won't give us anything more than we can handle but the anxiety is tearing me apart. I am offering up all my worries to Jesus. There is nothing we can do other than patiently wait and pray. Mother Mary, please pray for us. I don't know if I can handle another ectopic. I feel so weak. I am trusting in the Lord's divine mercy and love. I request my Prayer Buddy to pray for us now more than before.


  1. Praying for you right now...I know this feeling all too well and am so sorry you are going through such anxiety right now. The waiting is AGONY!!

    YOu should see a gestational sac around 4.5 to 5 weeks. What time is your appointment so I can pray at that time for you? Bless your heart. I wish I had something better to say to you - I imagine you are tied up in knots.

  2. I posted a comment but I think it didn't show up? If you get duplicates sorry!

    I know this feeling you are going through and the wait can be agonizing, I know. I pray that the time from now until MOnday goes so quickly, waiting is so horribly awful and hard when you are wanting to know the outcome of a pregnancy.

    I am so sorry you have to wait, but please email me the time of your appointment so I can specifically pray at that time. God bless your baby.

    Yes, you should see a gestational sac at 4.5 - 5 weeks.

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers. I have the U/S at 8:30 am on Monday.

  4. I hate that I am late reading this and that it is already Monday night. My heart aches b.c I feel bad being late. I do know that prayers can never be late though. I am praying sweet friend. I am about to go to bed with you and this post on my mind. I hope soooo much for you. Please let us know how today went. Ohhhh I just pray pray pray!