Saturday, March 12, 2011

Progesterone Levels

My Progesterone on 7 DPO was 12.6 and my Doc said the numbers were good. I am so confused. I have read that the numbers should be above 20 for a medicated cycle. Since I was on Clomid this cycle, does it mean that my levels are low. Could it be the reason why I have been getting very faint positives. Do I need to supplement with Progesterone?

Praying and hoping for the best!


  1. Yeah, your Progesterone levels seem low to me. Did you check with your dr. about this??? If I were you I would call the nurse and ask. Let us know!

  2. Oh my.... so sorry to hear about your struggles. I hope the line is getting darker if you have taken any further tests. The test looks at HCG levels alone and has nothing to do with progesterone. The faint line could just be because you are testing so early. Your progesterone level should be above 20 at 14 DPO but I am not sure what level to expect at 7 DPO. My general feeling about Progesterone supplementation is that it can't hurt and it is one of the only things that has been proven to help in women with recurrent pregnancy loss.... I hope this helps some. Praying for you.